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23.08.2021 | Marion Ostermann Knemeyer | Storytelling

For thousands of years, stories have had an emotional appeal and connected people of different generations and cultures.

Good stories spread themselves, whether on film, in writing, or in person.

Stories captivate. Stories require emotional investment. They generate energy and encourage us to do something.

Stories keep us interested, and when we're interested, we take action.

That's why "Storytelling" is the best way to bring life to a brand, product or service.

The art of storytelling

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Storytelling is the oldest form of knowledge transfer. It is the ultimate form of communication and the best way to get a message across effectively.

What a person associates with your brand depends on how committed they are to it.

By giving your products and services an identity through stories, you make it easier for your audience to identify with your brand, products or services.

The hallmarks of a good story

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The plot of a good story should have the following characteristics:

  • simplicity
  • element of surprise
  • concreteness
  • credibility
  • emotionality

A good story not only has to inform, it also has to move, i.e. touch emotionally and it has to entertain. Text alone does not touch or move anyone.

Successful storytelling is the art of inspiring your audience with stories (in words, pictures or film) in such a way that they follow the narrator, remember them for a long time and pass the stories on to the social network of their own accord.

The aim of storytelling must be to captivate the audience with an exciting story about a brand, product or service in order to get them to identify with this brand, product or service.

But well-done storytelling on a website can be a complex undertaking, which is then associated with a corresponding amount of effort.

Inspirational examples

The report Snow Fall from the New York Times in 2012 is considered a pioneer in the field of interactive storytelling. The story is about an avalanche accident in the western United States that buried a group of skiers; three of them died.

The preparation of the elaborate reportage with videos, animated infographics, photos and maps was considered downright revolutionary at the time.

Another impressive example is the website of Babord Group (Norway). Babord celebrates both the heroes of the sea and the unsung Bauta, staying at home in the heart of the community. A maritime value chain from port to home.

Another very successful example of a storytelling website is the presence of BlackNegative (France). Visiting this website is a unique experience.

The design is mesmerizing thanks to its sophisticated mix of fonts, creative navigation, fantastic videos, and compelling photos.

And last but not least, here is our own storytelling example. In this post entitled Surprising windfall I'll tell you the story of how I casually won a customer during a private visit to a restaurant and was able to pocket an unexpected fee.

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