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Our philosophy

A good team is everything. We achieve the greatest success in perfect interaction with our customers and service providers.

So it's no wonder that this team spirit is crucial to the fact that we treat every opinion openly and with respect, especially when it differs from our own. We welcome any discourse – the more passionate, the better. And if need be, we like to swim against the tide.

In the team we see ourselves as the strikers and playmakers. We motivate, drive the ball forward and pick things up. A team consists of individuals with different skills and perspectives. We understand teamwork as an interplay of individual competencies that gives us the opportunity to learn from each other again and again.

Our vision

Our world is a media landscape that has changed forever. And with it, the usage behavior of people with regard to these media has also changed. This inevitably results in completely new communication needs among consumers.

In order to meet these challenges and position yourself for the future, people and their needs must be the focus!

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Duty & freestyle

Our ambition

We are good – and constantly getting better. Why?

Because we don't believe in mediocre solutions. We not only want to meet expectations, we want to exceed them – in every respect. We grow with our tasks and constant learning is one of our most important virtues. As reliable allies with our customers and subcontractors, we treat every joint project as if it were our own – as an affair of the heart.

We see that as our duty.

Our passion

Our passion, however, is the freestyle.

We love to break new ground. And if you want to break new ground, you have to leave the beaten path. This is the only way you can find new solutions, because for us innovation means more than just having an idea. Innovative thinking also requires the courage to think outside the box, to conquer new worlds and to face resistance in a relaxed and constructive manner.

We analyze, try, design and perfect. This is how we find solutions that are nicer, more efficient, more elegant – in short, simply better.

Our way to your
successful project

To get to know

Inform, ask questions, listen, understand

First, we find out about you and ask you a lot of questions. We want to get to know you, your products, services, customers and history.

Where are you from and where are you going? We need to know and understand that. We look forward to your answers and we actively listen to you, absorb everything and record it in the form of minutes.


Design and implementation

Now it's time to determine the "look and feel" of the website. In this phase we work very closely with you, presenting our visual ideas and concepts to you, refining them together with you until they are finally perfect.


Development and programming

The development phase is the point where the website itself is built. The graphic design in this phase serves to create the actual website with the necessary functions.

The development includes the majority of the programming work and takes place in a password-protected area on our development server, which you can access at any time. In this way, you can continuously accompany the development process and are always informed about the current project status.

Start phase


The purpose of the launch phase is to prepare the website for the public. This requires final fine-tuning of design elements, close inspection of the website's interactivity, and most importantly, detailed consideration of the website's usability.

It is the quality assurance phase of content, code and design. Technical errors are corrected here and the text proofread.

A last step in this important phase is the migration of the website from the development system to the customer's web server.



A trusting support of your website after the start is a matter of course for us, because content has to be maintained and adjustments made. Laws change, and so does technology and visual style. Every successful website is an ongoing project.

If you wish, we can carry out all necessary software updates for you and support you in maintaining your content yourself.

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Agency founded in 1995

The agency in facts

ABOnetX was founded in November 1995 in Bielefeld, Germany.

The name is a made-up word consisting of the three capital letters ABO, which is known to be the german abbreviation for a subscription and refers to the regular purchase of a service (often for a fee), the lower-case syllable net, which is a colloquial abbreviation for the term Internet and the capitalized letter X, which is supposed to symbolize the great service (extra large).

In close cooperation with other agencies or as a full-service web agency, ABOnetX combines many years of technological expertise with marketing experience in a special way.

The range of their services ranges from web application development to e-commerce platforms and agency hosting and providing to customized software development and consulting for the CMS WordPress.

The marketing goals of their customers are looked after by a versatile team of experts who are highly specialized in the areas mentioned.

1995 in facts

International Year of Remembrance of the Victims of World War II.

Politics and world affairs
  • January 1st: Nursing care insurance is introduced in Germany.
  • January 17: A 7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes near Kobe, Japan, killing 6321 and injuring over 32000 people. Causes enormous property damage.
  • Foundation of the Deutsches Museum Bonn (Germany).
  • BackRub is developed, the forerunner of Google.
  • The german Hamburger Kunsthalle was expanded to include a "Gallery of the Present".

In Germany the metal industry introduces the 35-hour week (with flexible regulations). This reduction in working hours was the result of the IG Metall wage round in Bavaria, which successfully called for a strike again after 41 years. It went on strike from Friday February 24, 1995 to March 8, 1995.


February 21: Balloonist Steve Fossett becomes the first to cross the Pacific Ocean in a balloon.

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